Online Learning @ Cobb Jewish Academy 


1. Daily Dose of Inspiration with Rabbi Silverman: 
This will be posted on the Cobb Jewish Academy Youtube Channel.  IF YOU SUBSCRIBE YOU WILL GET A DAILY EMAIL WITH A LINK TO THE VIDEO 
This will also be  posted daily on the Chabad of Cobb facebook page


2. Kabbalah Cafe with Rabbi Silverman: 
Sunday mornings, live, at 9:30 am. 
To join, please use this link


3. Chassidic Philosophy with Rabbi Tzvi Kilov:  
Thursday nights, live, at 8:15 pm. 
To join, please use this link


4. Pre-Shabbat Mens Farbrengen:  
Friday evenings, live, at 6:45 pm.
L'chaim's and Inspiration.   
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5.  Women's Pre Shabbat Round Table with Chani Silverman 

Thursday nights 7:15pm  to Join use this link -


 6. Lunch with Rashi an in depth discourse on a Rashi commentary in the weekly Portion.  

Tuesdays at 12:15 pm To Join use this link


7.Secrets of the weekly Haftorah by Rabbi Avremal Zaltzman 

Thursdays at 1 pm  To Join use this link